Nolensville Market Square will be a central location where town folk can work, shop, relax, play and live. It’s designed to be a place for gathering with friends and strolling the streets in a pedestrian-friendly, artfully-crafted, community-conscious, multi-faceted development that honors the traditions of Nolensville.

We’ve had an incredible amount of interest in the retail opportunities that will be available, including several restaurant concepts: Pub, Seafood, Steak & Grill, Café, Sushi, Italian. Currently, our plans allow for up to five restaurant operations.

Retail Space Nolensville Market Square

It’s also in our plans to create a space and blend of retail that folks will want to visit repeatedly; to see what’s new and shop in Nolensville, instead of exporting our dollars to surrounding communities. We have serious lease interest, subject to final plan approvals, from a Unique Furniture Store, Art & Photo Gallery, Upscale Home Goods Store, and an Upscale Salon. We are also looking at a Specialty Stores, Men’s Clothing Store, Women’s Clothing Store, Candy & Ice Cream Shop, Antique Store, and a Toy Store. Creating a diversified blend of retail, entertainment and dining that will make it fun to explore and discover with family and friends.

What would you like to see added to Nolensville Market Square? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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