We are pleased to have the opportunity to present this Planned Commercial Development to the Town and to the community.

PublicWorkshop Plates_Part1-webOur team representing the Nolensville Market Square Development includes developers Stephen Prince, Scott Kohrs, Jeff Pate and Justin Hastings. The design team includes Civil engineer Caleb Thorne with Ragan Smith Associates and project architects Tyler Thayer, Jenny Szilagyi and Michael Hindman.

Hopefully with this team, we should be able to address any and all questions.

Let me provide a brief overview of this proposed development.

The subject property includes 12.53 acres located immediately east of the Town Hall. This site is accessible from Sheldon Valley Drive to the west and Oldham Drive to the south.

15055_NMS_Architectural and Civil Sheets_2016_0628_Page_10We are proposing a true mixed-use community development on this property. The overall development would include retail, restaurant, office and residential uses as well as other  uses currently in this zoning.

The submitted plan indicates seven separate buildings, all oriented along a central roadway which also serves as connector between Oldham Drive and Sheldon Valley / Nolensville Rd.

15055_NMS_Architectural and Civil Sheets_2016_0628_Page_02Building A is proposed to be a 1-story retail building. It is sized to accommodate multiple retail tenants or a single tenant with up to 27,000 s.f. We have heard repeatedly that citizens would like to have a grocery store in Nolensville. We agree that this would be a desirable use in this mix. This building is designed to accommodate a mid-size grocer or other retail tenant.

Buildings B, C, D & E are all proposed to have retail uses on the first floor with residential for-sale condos on the upper levels. There would be two full levels of residential and a third residential level that would be set back on all sides less than 2/3s the area of the levels below.

Buildings F and G are both proposed to be primarily office space. Retail and / or a day care center may occupy the lower levels as well.

15055_NMS_Architectural and Civil Sheets_2016_0628_Page_03As indicated on the plans, the project will be built in phases. The initial phase would include Buildings D and E as well as the necessary roadway connections, infrastructure and parking. By the current schedule, construction for phase 1 could commence early next spring with substantial completion in the summer of 2018.

The subsequent phases would be built based upon demand and leasing activity. It should be noted that, with limited marketing to date, there has been much interest indicated by retailers, restaurants, small office users and potential residential buyers.

Click here to see and download the full set of plans that were submitted to the Town of Nolensville.


15055_NMS_Architectural and Civil Sheets_2016_0628_Page_07It is important to note the benefits of a true mixed-use development. As the Town of Nolensville does experience growth, that growth may take many forms. Executed properly, with an appropriate mix of activities and uses, mixed-use development would be considered smart growth. Here’s why –

  • Mixed uses within a development can help to minimize traffic impact. The variety of uses, both business and residential, would all have different traffic patterns and peak periods. The residential traffic would be exiting in the morning and returning in the evening. The office traffic would be just the opposite. Retail traffic is distributed throughout the day. Restaurant traffic would be mostly in the evenings and weekends when the office space has been vacated.
  • Should we be successful in obtaining a grocery store, that store would be accessible by much of the town population without venturing onto Nolensville Rd. This site is already located along the primary traffic route going towards the nearest existing grocery stores. However, for most, the travel distance would be significantly reduced.
  • Much of the traffic may also be internalized. It is possible to live, work and shop all within walking distance.
  • This project will also create interconnectivity between several entities. In addition to access from Oldham and Sheldon Valley, connection is also indicated to Town Hall and potential cross access to the current post office property and the Revive Baptist Church.
  • Mixed uses within a planned development also results in shared parking. Similar to the traffic patterns, parking for different uses peaks at different times throughout the day. Consequently, the total parking may be reduced. And, therefore, there is less paved area required for a given building area.
  • This would also be considered a walkable community. Not just for convenience as noted above. But also as a healthy alternative to driving. Pedestrian activity, boosted by full time residents, would make for a very vitalized environment.


I should also mention the very reason for the name Nolensville Market Square.

Our plan takes advantage of this excellent location adjacent to the Town Hall. We propose to invigorate the property behind this building to become a town plaza. A space that may be used for special events and gatherings. Festivals, craft fairs and activities for children. This would also then connect to the main through drive which may also be used for expanded activities.


We have been working on this project since last fall. We have held numerous meetings with staff and administration (for which we are very appreciative) to better understand just what the expectations of the town might be for this site.

We participated in a Public Workshop in May, here in this room. This workshop was attended by many citizens who voiced their comments and legitimate concerns.

And, on July 2nd, we held an event on the site to present the project to the community and to graphically demonstrate the building elevation.

Citizen Comments from the Public Workshop

  • Nolen Park Connection
    • Addressed by removing connection
  • Four Story Height & Visual
    • Addressed by stepping back fourth story so that visually it is not seen from street.
    • Addressed by increasing buffer between residential and commercial.
    • Addressed by distance and moving buildings to center of site, see sight line diagrams on Sheet A4
    • Addressed scale by demonstrating height with balloons. When wind was not blowing the relative scale is comparable to Town Hall and not overwhelming to the surrounding sites.
  • Public Road
    • Addressed the desire and need for connections from Sheldon Valley Drive to Oldham by providing our private road with permanent access easement through site.
    • Developers will care for this private road.
  • Condo Rentals
    • Addressed by proposing a moratorium on renting for one year from purchase.
    • Addressed by proposing a max percentage of rentals in HOA and covenance (25%).
  • Density and Uses
    • All use types are currently permitted/allowable in this zoning.
    • FAR is 1.0 = 544,000 SF allowable. We are currently only proposing 288,000 SF (roughly 50%)
  • Storm water/drainage
    • We have addressed this conceptually with use of underground detention and water quality within these systems.
  • Introduced urban bio treatments along the main entrance, with an increase in green space islands sporadically throughout the parking locations.
  • Adjoining residents also expressed concern regarding current stormwater run off through their site and crossing our eastern border. Whereas our site is down hill from their properties, our site and sitework would have no impact on their property. WE have assured them that we would not have any berm or other impediment in the buffer that would negatively affect their property.
  • Traffic & Parking
    • Addressed with a Traffic Study and Parking Study that has been submitted to Town Staff.
    • Preliminary findings show that we will be improving, Sheldon Valley, Oldham, and Nolensville Road, and that a traffic light will be required.
    • A note has been added to the plan which references the Parking Study will need to be resubmitted anytime use ratios change from what is being proposed.
  • Blasting
    • At the July 2nd presentation, citizens expressed concern regarding potential blasting. Whereas this site does not have substantial grade change and whereas we do not propose significant modifications to grades, extensive blasting is unlikely.  Blasting is anticipated in limited areas, the developer will provide a pre-blast survey of all potentially affected properties and will provide insurance to address potential resultant damages.



  • Reduced residential count from 160 on initial plans to 89 units on the current plan.
  • Deleted vehicular connection to Nolen Park (8’ multi-modal stays)
  • Increased buffer from Class C (40’) to Class D (50’)
  • Moved dumpsters away from residential locations.
  • Turned Main Street and Sheldon Valley extension into a private road
  • Increased diamond tree planters in parking field to increase green canopies
  • Added electric car chargers
  • Reworked some drives per discussions with staff
  • Increased green space and reduced parking and paved area around proposed Market Square
  • Modified proposed connection to Town Hall’s parking lot.
  • Provided all required parking to be located within the site perimeter.
  • Removed a parking lot entrance location from behind building E


We are, as a apart of this submittal requesting a few variances. We believe that these variances are in keeping with the new-urban environment to be established by this development.

Click here to see and download the full set of plans that were submitted to the Town of Nolensville.


G:15154-03931-Civil EngineeringExhibitsCross Sections 11x17A traffic study has been done to evaluate the impact of this development on the existing roadway infrastructure. A copy of this study has been included with the submittal.

  • Striping Sheldon Valley Drive  – This is a very simple item, but this striping will help to better direct traffic and turning movements on this roadway.
  • Striping Oldham Drive – Similarly, this is a simple measure. Striping can address the current uses and turning movements on this road as well. Included also would be the establishment of on-street parking on Oldham adjacent to the subject development. Parking will serve as a traffic calming device on a road that is oversized to begin with.
  • Improving/Widening Nolensville Road – Included would be the establishment of a 3 lane roadway section from the entrance to the landscape company to the entrance to First Tennessee Bank.
  • New Traffic Light – Subject to a warrant, a traffic signal would be added ate either Oldham or Sheldon Valley. We presume at this time that the Oldham Drive location is most likely.


1)         Since this project is requesting relief from zone requirements on the maximum height of 35’, a demonstration on the site using balloons or other means to illustrate to Town officials and Town residents how the proposed height of the 4 tallest buildings relate to neighboring developments.  This should be done preferably the July 4th holiday and/or weekend.

HMHA Response: The development team is preparing a public event to be held on July 2, 2016 from 11:00AM – 3:00PM to demonstrate the height of the tallest parapet on the four buildings that include the roof top residences. This will take place on the property proposed behind Town Hall.

2)         The proposal to locate some parking that is required for the development on Town land is of some concern for the Town.  Please provide more information on how this proposal could work for both the development, and most of all, for the Town and not interrupt Town business, public works operations, and police force operations.  Provide information on the form and possible content of agreement between the two entities would be necessary for this arrangement.  Similarly, provide explanation on how the proposed park type development over the existing storm water detention in the rear of Town Hall would be implemented and maintained.

MCD/RSA Response: It is the desire of the developers to create a space for the Town of Nolensville that includes family recreational opportunities and additional parking for Town hall independent of Nolensville Market Square. The details related to shared use and maintenance of the town’s property and the retention located on Nolensville Market Square property will be worked out through a bilateral access and maintenance agreement to be negotiated through counsel.

The revised plan being submitted provides onsite parking to accommodate the required parking calculation.  Also per comment #4 below, a note has been added to the plan referencing a requirement for the shared parking analysis to be revised at each stage of development.

 In addition, the proposed park development is planned to be constructed over the existing detention pond facility for the Town Hall. Currently, we are proposing to remove this detention facility to allow for the construction of the proposed park and green infrastructure.  With this proposal, we would also plan to install an underground storm facility that would be located upstream of the existing pond and park development.  The size of this facility will be established by compensating the existing detention pond being removed as well as the proposed development; to provide equal or greater peak flow reduction and retention times.  Documentation that would require annual maintenance of this storm facility would be anticipated to occur prior to C.O. of the buildings being served by it.

3)         There are some concerns with the proposed roadway design from Oldham around to connect to Sheldon Valley Drive.  There is still concern over whether the proposed street connections should be dedicated as public streets or private streets that include a combination of public and private street design elements.  If the road is public, the design needs to reflect that. It cannot be designed as a parking lot drive aisle.  All intersecting driveways must be designed so with appropriate throat lengths. The diagonal parking is not acceptable.  If the road is private, then the terminus of Sheldon Valley Drive must reflect that. The subdivision regulations require a turn-around at the terminus of the public street.  If this

RSA Response: The internal roadway network has been revised to be private with the included plan.  With this revision, we have now shown a 25’ wide permanent access easement connecting the south and west rights-of-way at Oldham Drive and Sheldon Valley Drive. This access easement has also been shown to extend north for the adjacent property and possible future connection.

 Section 5.3,k.,ii., of the Nolensville Subdivision Regulations, describes the need for circular turnarounds at “permanent dead-end roads”. As Sheldon Valley Drive will be transitioned into a public easement and continuous access, Sheldon Valley should not be considered a permanent dead end road. Additionally, the proposed development will include a roundabout approximately 275 feet east of the Sheldon Valley Drive that can be used for turning around movements. This roundabout or through ability to Oldham Drive should also qualify as “other types of turnaround” as described in the Subdivision Regulations.

 4)         The initial plan submittal indicated a possible library use in one of the buildings marked as Building “G”.  Please indicate whether this is an actual proposal for this development, of if not, then indicate the most likely planned uses for the seven buildings and indicate how parking needs are to be met in the parking tabulation section of the plan.  It should be noted that the shared parking ratio plan should be revised at each stage of development when actual building uses are determined and specific uses are requested for permitting.

HMHA Response: Please see revised calculations on sheet C1. Though there have been discussions with the County about moving the library to within the development, the team cannot guarantee that this will happen. As such, we have revised the calculations to reflect retail in its place. If anything changes, we will revise and resubmit the PUD/PCD plan, parking calculations and studies to the planning staff for review.

             A note has been place on the plan that states that the shared parking ratio will be revised at each stage of the development when actual building uses are determined. The development team is committed to performing this study at any significant change in planned/proposed use.

5)         Please include references to any other revisions you choose to make at this re-submittal/response time.

HMHA Response: In addition to the modifications noted above dealing with proposed use, the development and design team have made the following adjustments to the concept master plan after our meeting with staff:

  • Changed public road connecting Sheldon Valley Drive to Oldham Drive to a private road.
  • Created a permanent 25’ wide access easement along this primary road.
  • Reworked the two parking drive entries, east of Building E, into a singular entry directly across from the entry east of Building G.
  • Changed parallel parking between Building G and Building E to head in parking.
  • Removed a row of parking from the connecting drive between Town Hall and the project. Changed the south row of parking to 90 degree parking, and extended the green space around Market Square to replace removed parking.

Our team is excited and passionate about this project. We see this as an opportunity to make a lasting and positive contribution to the quality of life and to the coffers for the Town and community of Nolensville.
We hope that you agree and respectfully request a vote for a recommendation of approval for this project.

Click here to see and download the full set of plans that were submitted to the Town of Nolensville.