Mill Creek Property Development, LLC, has announced that on April 15, 2016, the partnership closed on a 12 ½ acre parcel of land adjacent to the new Nolensville Town Hall. The parcel will serve as the building site for the new Nolensville Market Square, a 250,000 sq. ft. mixed-use complex in the heart of Nolensville that will include retail, office, restaurant and residential components, all wrapped in a pedestrian-friendly, walkable, community-centric environment.

Nolensville-Market-Planned-DevelopmentNolensville resident, real estate developer and Mill Creek partner, Jeff Pate, is spearheading the project. Far from creating a soulless, unappealing, architecturally insignificant strip shopping center, Pate and his partners envision an eye-pleasing complex that incorporates all the best elements of contemporary design, while paying homage to Nolensville’s celebrated history. They refer to the concept as Nolensville’s new Downtown, with the look and feel of a town square that has grown and developed organically along with the community over the past century; one that incorporates high quality signatures of architectural advancements that tie together Nolensville’s rich history with its brilliant future. “I believe this project could be an iconic development that will help to define Nolensville for generations to come,” Pate says.

The partnership has called on the highly regarded Brentwood, Tennessee-based architectural firm, H. Michael Hindman Architects, PC, to design Nolensville Market Square. Leading the design team is the firm’s Director of Design, Tyler Thayer, who also serves as the Chair of the town’s Economic & Community Development Committee. “The committee functions as a think tank for economic and community development initiatives,” Thayer explains. “The committee works to help spur on projects that will ensure the economic viability and social betterment for a vibrant small town type of future.”

Thayer points to the Nolensville Market Square project as the perfect example of marrying the town’s desire for high quality design and historic small town ambiance, with sound economic policy. “I’m excited to be involved with designing Nolensville’s new downtown,” he declares. “From a community development perspective, it offers a 360 degree, holistic piece of the puzzle to give us that ‘sense of place’ where our citizens can enjoy community and where great events can happen.”

Stephen Prince, Partner - Jeff Pate, Partner Developer - Jack Welch, Attorney

Stephen Prince, Partner – Jeff Pate, Partner Developer – Jack Welch, Attorney

In addition to providing the community with an ideal place to work, play, shop and live, Pate says Nolensville Market Square will be an economic boon to the town, generating nearly $1,250,000 in new taxes revenue, which will be divided between the county and the town. The $90 million project is being designed, funded and built by members and friends of the community, including partners Jeff Pate, Stephen Prince, Justin Hastings and Scott Kohrs.