Nolensville Market Square will not only be a place to Shop, Work, Play, Live, it will also have a significant economic impact on the Town, schools and annual budgets. The current community needs a diversified revenue base and needs to meet the growing demands. Roads, infrastructure, town services all are currently stretched by the current requirements.  This project will make a significant and long lasting contribution to the community and its annual budget.

Based on current tax basis, it is estimated that Nolensville Market Square will contribute over $1,248,000 annually to the Towns tax revenue. This is a substantial contribution with no cost to the community or increase in the tax basis. How can this possibly be? A recent GAP analysis of consumer spending from Nolensville Residents  estimates that over $314 million is being sent to the surrounding areas communities including Concord Road (Nashville), Coolsprings, Smyrna, etc. This substantial amount of money is consequently exported out of the community and outside the Towns revenue base, which also creating to more traffic in and out of Town.

Nolensville Market Square has been designed as a Planned Commercial Development precisely to serve the needs and demands of the community. Great efforts are being taken to insure a balanced mix of Retail, Restaurants, Office and Residential to enhance the Town and contribute to the annual budget.