Nolensville Market Square team held a community workshop to present the plans and vision for the project to community leaders and residents. The purpose was to let everyone know what the plans entailed and address how concerns would be handled. It was a great time for residents to ask questions and share their thoughts on the project.

PublicWorkshop Plates_Part1-web Nolensville resident and developer Jeff Pate, shared that growth is not a matter of ‘when;’ it’s here now. “I live in Nolensville,” Pate said. “I love the location, the feel of the town; but when I talk to my neighbors the one topic that keeps coming up is the need for a place where individuals and families can gather as a community. Nolensville is a great town with some wonderful amenities, but it is limited, especially when the sun goes down. We need a place where folks can go to create family memories, a place to have a street fair, a place where we can stroll and listen to live music and have dinner or ice cream, or just shop. Nolensville has reached a critical mass where demand for goods and services can support that kind of lifestyle. Our town is poised for growth, but it needs to be smart growth.”

PublicWorkshop Plates_Part3-webAs a partner in Mill Creek Property Development, LLC, Pate envisions a new downtown for Nolensville, one that will have the look and feel as if it has been there for 100 years and has grown and developed organically with the community; one that incorporates high quality signatures of architectural advancements that tie together our community’s rich history with its brilliant future. “I believe this project could be an iconic development that will help to define Nolensville for generations to come,” he told those in attendance.

Nolensville Market Square, is a new, mixed-use development in the heart of Nolensville that will include retail, office, restaurant and residential components, all wrapped in a pedestrian-friendly, walkable, community-centric environment incorporating all the best elements of design, while paying homage to Nolensville’s celebrated history.

Nolensville Market Square Color Site webTyler Thayer of H. Michael Hindman Architects, the same firm that deigned Nolensville Town Hall, present several concept boards of the design so everyone could get a feel for what the project will look like. He told those in attendance “Nolensville is a great place to live, work, grow and create.” He pointed to the Nolensville Market Square project as the perfect example of marrying the town’s desire for high quality design and small town ambiance, with sound economic policy. “I’m excited to be involved with designing Nolensville’s new downtown,” he declared. “From a community development perspective, it offers a 360 degree, holistic piece of the puzzle to give us that ‘sense of place’ where our citizens can enjoy community and where great events can happen. From an architectural perspective, it is about creating a high quality, long-lasting, ecological, future-informing experience. From an economic perspective, I believe this development will enhance a strong business climate.”

Some Nolensville residents in attendance shared concerns about growth and how traffic is a concern. The team shared that the increase in population doesn’t have to mean more traffic congestion. The developers of Nolensville Market Square are being proactive in conducting traffic and impact studies, while working with the town planners to optimize traffic flow. “With our intentional mix of retail, office and residential, Nolensville Market Square may even help alleviate traffic congestion,” Pate notes. “Town residents won’t need to clog major traffic arteries to travel to neighboring towns to enjoy the amenities afforded in their own home town.”

It was also discussed that Nolensville’s expanding population means additional stress is piling up on the town’s modest resources for needed community services, ranging from parks and schools to streets and fire protection. Town leaders are looking to the business community to help bridge that funding gap. The presentation included an overview on how Nolensville Market Square should be a boon to the town, as it is expected to generate nearly $1,250,000 in new tax revenue, which will be divided between the county and the town. The project’s developers are also working closely with town officials, the Planning Commission, and the Trees & Trails Committee to ensure that Nolensville Market Square serves to unify the Town Hall with a cohesive, true mixed-use development, creating a sense of place for the enjoyment of citizens, visitors, and businesses.

PublicWorkshop Plates_Part2-web“We are committed to developing a healthy, enduring and well-built center for the town, its community, and its future,” Jeff Pate said. “A big part of that commitment involves creating a new downtown that is in harmony with Nolensville’s comprehensive Greenway system that links the town’s neighborhoods, businesses, recreational and educational facilities. We live and work here too, so we recognize the multiple benefits of maintaining and expanding the town’s trees and trails initiative.”

In closing, the team shared “We look forward to creating a place where children can play in open areas, where our neighbors can shop at the best local shops, where casual friends can sip coffee on the patio of their favorite corner bistro, and where our community can celebrate together,” Pate says. “At it’s heart, Nolensville Market Square is all about community; its all about creating a sense of place in the heart of Nolensville.”