We will be hosting a Community Update this weekend on July 2nd from 11:00am till 2:00pm. Join us at the picnic tables in the parking lot behind Town Hall for some free Hot Dogs to celebrate the weekend and get an update on Nolensville Market Square. We will also have updated drawings and plans of the project reflecting the input from town leadership and the community input from recent public planning workshop.

Red BalloonMembers of the local development team will be on hand to personally answer questions and share the vision of Nolensville Market Square to be “a central location where town folk can work, shop, relax, play and live.”

During this time period on July second we will be doing a balloon test, flying some red balloons to indicate the height of the center building.

Nolensville Market Square is a collection of seven buildings from 1 to 3 stories, with four of the buildings having an additional set back floor of Rooftop Residences. These residences will be set back from the third floors so that at street level, the tallest buildings will only appear three stories.PublicWorkshop Plates_Part1-web

The design and scale of Nolensville market square is designed to fit with new Town Hall to provide proper balance and a cohesive feel in design and scale. Town Hall will be dominate in the foreground with Nolensville Market Square in the background at a proper scale to fit the overall area.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend and hope your have a spectacular 4th of July!