Nolensville Market Square  is designed, funded and built by members of the community. We live and work here and look forward to creating a place where children will play in open areas, the community will shop the best local shops, casual friends will sip coffee on the patio of their favorite corner bistro, and celebrations will be held down Main Street for great family fun. Nolensville Market Square is about the community: it’s a walk-able and diverse development geared toward the pedestrian experience. The buildings will be artfully crafted to be in harmony with the Town Hall and create a sense of place in the heart of Nolensville. We are a group committed to building Nolensville and envision a healthy, enduring and well-built center for the Town, its community, and its future.

Jeff Pate

Jeff Pate, CCIM
Partner & Developer

Jeff Pate’s first experienced Middle Tennessee while helping his brother move to Nashville in 1994, and soon relocated himself to the Volunteer State, eventually settling in Nolensville. “I fell in love with the area and the people,” Jeff explains. “I live in Nolensville. I love Nolensville. I love the location, the feel of the town; but when I talk to my neighbors the one topic that keeps coming up is the need for a place where individuals and families can gather as a community. Nolensville is a great town with some wonderful amenities, but it is limited, especially when the sun goes down. We need a place where folks can go to create family memories, a place to have a street fair, a place where we can stroll and listen to live music and have dinner or ice cream, or just shop.”

“Nolensville has reached a critical mass where demand for goods and services can support that kind of lifestyle,” Jeff continues. “Our town is poised for growth, but it needs to be smart growth.” Jeff envisions a new downtown for Nolensville, one that will have the look and feel as if it has been there for 100 years and has grown and developed with the community; one that incorporates high quality signatures of architectural advancements that tie together our community’s rich history with its brilliant future. “I believe this project could be an iconic development that will help to define Nolensville for generations to come,” he says.

Stephen Prince

Stephen Prince, Partner

Stephen Prince loves this area, there is a fire in his eyes and passion in his voice that leaves no doubt that he means it. “I started moving my company here in 2006 and completed that transition in 2008,” Stephen says. “I have never had one instance of regret about leaving Cool Springs and coming to Nolensville.”

Heavily involved in civic organizations, and committed to maintaining the quality of small town life that Nolensville represents, Stephen says he loves the town’s historic culture, the ball parks, green spaces and walking trails. But he says would welcome the amenities, services and activities offered by similar quiet, upscale communities. “Our citizens shouldn’t have to drive Nashville or Cool Springs to shop or enjoy a night out. Nashville is bursting at its seams, and is looking at every possible avenue to expand. Nolensville Road is a natural conduit. Growth from is coming and Nolensville is right in its path. We can’t avoid it; but we can shape it.”

As founder of Nolensville, Tennessee-based National Business Products and its two subsidiaries, Card Marketing Services and Sterling Card Solutions, Stephen might work in the retail gift card production industry, but his business is finding solutions and building relationships. In keeping with his role as a solution finder and relationship builder, Stephen is at the forefront of the innovative Nolensville Market Square project that will provide the town with its new historic downtown.

Nolensville is in a significantly transitional state,” Stephen explains. “We have the will, the resources and the property to help us to leapfrog over that challenging 25-year process that Franklin struggled through. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to build out this new historic downtown in a way that will maintain our historic culture and bless the community, not only in our lifetime, but for our children’s children and for generations to come.”

Justin Hastings

Justin Hastings, Partner

Justin Hastings is a long time resident of Mount Juliet, Tennessee, Justin fell in love with Nolensville and moved to the town to enjoy its proximity to his work and the quality of life it provides. “When we gather with our neighbors, the conversation inevitably turns to what a great place Nolensville is to live,” Justin says. “Then the conversation turns toward lamenting the lack of certain amenities that most communities our size enjoy, such as convenient specialty stores, a variety of retail shops and space for the whole community to gather for festivals and events. It’s disheartening to see all of the tax revenue that could be benefiting Nolensville, being siphoned away because we have to drive to Smyrna or Cool Springs to spend our money. We expect Nolensville’s new historic downtown to generate $1.2 million in tax revenue to the city. Beyond having a great place for the community to gather, shop, dine and relax, just think of what that kind of revenue could do for our town!”

Justin’s path to his current position as President of Sterling Card Solutions & Card Marketing Services includes a seven-year stint in the United States Navy, time out to earn a Masters Degree in Accounting from Middle Tennessee State University, and multiple management roles in technology, financial and insurance firms, in addition to being an active CPA in the State of Tennessee. Each role has added to his collective experience in all the financial aspects of business, including accounting practices, budgeting, financial planning, interfacing with the financial community, financial analysis, acquisitions and ventures, and monitoring of financial performance.

Scott Kohrs

Scott Kohrs, Partner

Scott Kohrs, although he maintains his home in Colorado, he is no stranger to Middle Tennessee and has a vested interest in the Nolensville community through his relationship with Nolensville based Sterling Card Solutions. “As partners, we have a vested interest in keeping Nolensville’s new historic downtown community-centered,” Scott explains. “It’s not just about making a buck. It’s about creating something that will benefit the community both now and for generations to come.”

If you are going to build an entire new historic downtown from the ground up, it helps to have someone on your team who can offer advice from a contractor’s perspective. Scott Kohrs, president of the Taylor Kohrs construction firm, is such a guy. Scott has served the company for more than 30 years, starting out as an estimator straight out of college, and working his way up to ownership in the firm that now bears his name.

Tyler Thayer HMHA

Tyler Thayer,
Director of Design
HMHA Architects

Tyler Thayer’s  family moved to Nolensville just before he started the 6th grade. Tyler called Nolensville home throughout his middle school and high school years, before heading off to Knoxville to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in architecture, with a focus on architectural history and theory. Family ties and the lure of Nolensville’s quality of life drew Tyler back, and now he is deeply involved in the town’s future.

“Nolensville is a great place to live, work, grow and create,” Tyler muses. “I believe architecture is the foundation of how people experience and interact with society. It creates as sense of place, where people can live, move and have their being. It is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly.”

Tyler points to the Nolensville Market Square project as the perfect example of marrying the town’s desire for high quality design with a historic small town ambiance with sound economic policy. “I’m excited to be involved with designing Nolensville’s new historic downtown,” he declares. “From a community development perspective, it offers a 360 degree, holistic piece of the puzzle to give us that ‘sense of place’ where our citizens can enjoy community and where great events can happen. From an architectural perspective, it is about creating a high quality, long-lasting, ecological, future-informing experience.”


Nolensville Market Square is a being developed by
Mill Creek Property Development, LLC